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Ultraterranium Cover Bruce Pennington in 1991


THE TITLE OF THIS book published in 1991 means 'Beyond the World' because, Pennington says, that is basically where his main interests lie.

Because of the general tone of his work, people get very strange ideas about Pennington as an individual. When Eschatus, his interpretation of Nostrodamus' prophecies, was first published in the 70s he also fielded some very strange phone calls before going ex-directory. But the truth is that he is a sweet tempered optimist in reality, He just happens to have a wonderfully gothic imagination.

Below is a gallery of examples from the book, beginning with some of Pennington's private work, mostly unpublished elsewhere. Click on the thumbnails for enlargements.

Anguinous Trophy Forest Temple Laghima Enigmatic Harbour Myrmidons
Helm of the Cruciatis Title Title Title Title
The Green Brain Shadow of the Torturer The Pawns of Null-A Lost World
Island of Dr Death